Screenshot API

This API is deprecated, please refer to the new RESTFul API instead.


The screenshot API can capture screenshots, get screenshots, or check whether a screenshot exists.


  • use (required): The name of the index.
  • login (optional): The login parameter. This becomes required once you create a user.
  • key (optional): The key parameter related to the login (api key). This becomes required once you create a user.
  • url (required): The URL parameter denotes the URL to be captured.
  • action (required): The action parameter is an ENUM field with the following options:
  • capture: Captures a screenshot of the given URL.
  • image: Gets an already-existing image of the indicated URL.
  • check: Checks whether the URL was already captured.


HTTP Request:


HTTP response:

    <entry key="Check">bfbe8b2187bdfcc8a1136486c68247e4b2.png</entry>

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