Create or update a repository over FTP (location)

Use this API to create a new location to crawl files located on a FTP server.

Requirement: OpenSearchServer v1.5

The URLs and HTTP methods used by this API are different from other OSS APIs, please give this document a careful read.

Call parameters

URL: /services/rest/crawler/file/repository/inject/ftp/{index_name}/{result_type}?path={path}&ignoreHiddenFile={ignoreHiddenFile}&includeSubDirectory={includeSubDirectory}&enabled={enabled}&delay={delay}

Method: PUT

URL parameters:

  • index_name (required): The name of the index.
  • result_type (required): Type of returned result (json or xml).
  • path: path to the root folder where the crawler must start.
  • ignoreHiddenFile: whether hidden files should be ignored during crawling (true or false).
  • includeSubDirectory: whether sub-directories should be crawled (true or false).
  • enabled: whether this new location should be eligible for crawling (true or false).
  • delay: delay between each file access in ms (defaults to 0).
  • username: username to connect to the FTP server.
  • password: password to connect to the FTP server.
  • host: host for the FTP server.
  • ssl: whether SSL should be used.

Success response

The new location has been created or updated.

HTTP code:

Content (json):


Error response

The request failed. The reason is provided in the content.

HTTP code:

Sample call

Using CURL:
Simple call:

curl -XPUT -H \

Using jQuery:

   type: "PUT",
   dataType: "json",
   url: "http://localhost:8080/services/rest/crawler/file/repository/inject/ftp/my_index/json?path=/test&ignoreHiddenFile=true&includeSubDirectory=false&enabled=true&delay=0&username=ftpuser&"
}).done(function (data) {

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