OpenSearchServer v1

The open-source enterprise class
search engine software

  • A full set of search functions
  • Build your own indexing strategy
  • A fully integrated solution
  • Parsers extract full-text data
  • The crawlers can index everything
  • 17 language options
  • Special analysis for each language
  • Numerous filters: n-gram, lemmatization, shingle, elisions, stripping diacritic, Etc.
  • Automatic language detection
  • Named entity recognition
  • Synonyms (word and multi-terms)
  • Automatic classifications
  • REST API and SOAP Web Service
  • Monitoring module
  • Index replication
  • Scheduling for periodic tasks
  • Scripting feature powered by Selenium®
  • Multiple client implementations: PHP, Ruby, Perl, C#, Etc.
  • Office® documents (Word®, Excel®, Powerpoint®, Visio®, Publisher®)
  • OpenOffice® documents
  • Adobe PDF® (with OCR)
  • Web pages (HTML), RTF, plain text
  • Audio files metadata
  • Images (metadata and OCR)
  • MAPI® messages
  • Etc.
  • The web crawler includes inclusion or exclusion filters with wildcards, HTTP authentication, screenshot, sitemap, Etc.
  • The REST Crawler indexes Web Services data
  • The file system crawler browses SMB/CIFS, FTP(S), SWIFT
  • The database crawler supports all databases (JDBC)

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