How to monitor an OpenSearchServer instance

Using API calls

You can call a dedicated API to get monitoring information about your instance.

Simply make a GET request on http://<host>:<port>/services/rest/monitor/json?full=true.

This provides such useful data as free disk space, memory use, etc.


If you only want basic information do not send the ?full=true parameter.
If you want to get results in XML instead of JSON use http://<host>:<port>/services/rest/monitor/xml?full=true.

Using OpenSearchServer to regularly post monitoring data to an URL

This requires OpenSearchServer > 1.5.10

Using the Scheduler you can quickly set up a task that regularly posts monitoring information to a particular URL.

To do so:

  • Go to the Scheduler tab
  • Click "Create new scheduler job"
    • Give a name to the job
    • Check the Enabled checkbox
    • Configure a CRON expression, following these guidelines:
    • Add one task: Monitoring upload
      • This task perfoms a POST request to the given URL.
      • HTTP authentication can be used with the parameters Login and Password.
      • The body of the request will be a text string with all monitoring information concatenated.
      • An additionnal detail called Instance ID can be added to the body of the request. This can be useful for example to identify the instance making the request.
      • Here is a truncated example of the body of a request:

Here is an example of a job that will make a POST request every 10 minutes:

Creating job

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