XML file

In this example, we have one file containing three documents. Our goal is to create one document in the index for each document in the file.

XML file used in this example


Our schema has 3 fields :

Details of 3 fields

Unique and default fields


Delete any existing parser handling XML files. In this example, the default « XML » parser gets deleted:

Delete parser XML

Create a new « XML (XPATH) » parser :

Create new parser

Name this new parser and write « /documents/document » in the field « XPATH request for documents » - since this is the XPATH request to access each document:

Create new parser

In the tab « Supported extension », add « xml » :

Create new parser

In the tab « Supported MIME type », add handling for the following types :

  • application/xhtml+xml
  • application/xml
  • text/xml

In the tab « Field mapping », configure this mapping :

Create new parser

This tells the parser to fetch :

  • /documents/document/date into the « date » field
  • /documents/document/id into the « id » field
  • /documents/document/title into the « title » field

Click « Create » :

Create new parser

Crawl the file

In this example, we place the file in a folder then configure a new file crawler :

Configure file crawler

We launch the crawler :

Launch file crawler

The file is now indexed. Check the information about the index on the main page:

Check index info

The index now includes three documents.

Query documents

A query template can be quickly created to see documents:

Query documents

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