How to crawl a MongoDB server

Starting with version 1.5.10, OpenSearchServer can crawl a MongoDB server.

Creating the crawl process

Go to tab Crawler / Database, choose MongoDB in the select list Type and click the button New crawl...:

Creating the crawl process

This crawler looks a bit like the Database crawler. It has two tabs:

  • the first tab (General settings) is for configuring access to the MongoDB, and setting some indexation parameters,
  • the second tab (FieldMap) is for defining the relations between information retrieved from the MongoDB and the fields of your schema.

Configuring the crawl process

Creating the crawl process

MongoDB url must follow this format: mongodb://XX.XX.XX.XX:<port>.

The Criteria and Projection parameters are the ones defined by the find function of MongoDB:

For example, you could use { _id:1, title:1} for the parameter Projection.

Indexing data into fields

The FieldMap tab uses JSONPath for targetting precise properties within the returned object.

For example, use $._id.$oid and $.title to target the object id and the title of the document.

Creating the crawl process

As usual, configure which value should go in which field of your schema.

Starting the crawl

To start the crawl, simply click the button with the green icon in the processes list:

Creating the crawl process

This crawl can also be started from a job in the scheduler, using the Database crawler - run task.

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