How to delete documents

Deleting documents using the UI

This is done in the Delete tab, which is one of the top row tabs.

You need to provide a query that will search for documents to delete. It must be written using the standard OpenSearchServer query language, which is the one used by Lucene (see the Lucene syntax documentation).


  • Deleting documents that have a category field set to music:
    • category:music
  • Deleting all documents except for the ones with a price:
    • *:* -price:[* TO *]

Before you actually delete anything, click the Check button for a count of documents matching the query. If the number looks wrong, you'll want to double-check.

Then click the Delete button to actually delete documents.

Advanced deletion

Using the Scheduler you can create a Delete query task. In the Query field, enter your query as discussed in the previous section. If you want to apply complex filters and search rules on documents to delete, you can use the Template field. Have it point toward a query template previously created in the Query tab.

For instance, if you only want to delete documents indexed during the previous two days, you can use the powerful Relative date filter feature.

For more about filtering, you can consult the How to use filters on query page.

Deleting documents using APIs

Several APIs can be used to delete documents:

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