Improving relevancy with "Mirror AND filter"

When a search query is made, OpenSearchServer finds documents matching this query then computes a score for each document. This score shows how closely a document matches the query.

For a document to match the query, at least one of its fields must contain at least one of the searched keywords. Those fields wherein the search will take place are the ones configured in the query. Configuration can take place using the tab Searched fields for a Search (field).

Searched fields

This is where choosing the Search operator becomes important.

  • When using a boolean OR operator, OpenSearchServer will add a document to its results set as soon as but a single searched keyword is found in one the searched fields.
  • When using an AND operator, every keywords must be found in one of the searched fields for the document to be added to the results set.

Choosing between AND and OR depends on the need, but will usually get the job done. However, in some complex cases, these operators can have unwanted effects.

Let's have an example:

  • The index's schema has several fields - category, brand, and description.
  • The following documents are indexed with these values:
    • Document #1: category is "**computer**", brand is "**asus**" and description is "One of the best IT product this year".
    • Document #2: category is "headphones", brand is "**asus**" and description is "Will render awesome sound when paired with a great computer".
    • Document #3: category is "**computer**", brand is "dell" and description is "A great one".

Screenshot of this schema:

Index's schema

Screenshot of the documents:


The first problem that comes to mind is: when searching for "asus computer", if the AND operator is used (so as to get documents including both "asus" and "computer") no result will be returned. There is no field containing both words.

Screenshot of searched fields:

Searched fields

Result when searching for "asus computer":


If the OR operator is used instead for the "asus computer" search, every field having at least one searched keyword is used for computing score. Which means that documents with only the word "computer" are returned, even if they do not mention "asus". This is probably not a desirable result.

When searching using an OR operator:


The common solution to this issue is to create a field called full and to copy every text value into it:

Field full

Let's re-index the data and add the field full to the list of searched fields. Now, 2 documents are returned:


However, both documents have poor scores. In spite of the huge boost given to the fields category and brand in this query, the first document does not stand out compared to the other one. Curses ! Why ?

This is because ** the fields category and brand have not been used in scoring** by this query. Since those fields do not include both searched keywords, OpenSearchServer only used the field full for scoring.

Screenshot of the popup explaining the score (using the button "Score explanation"):


To bypass this limitation, OpenSearchServer has introduced a new feature with build 1.5-b731.

It is now possible to compute scores for documents based on an OR operator yet filter results like an AND operator would. This is the best of both worlds.

In our example, if an operator OR is used instead of an AND and the Mirror AND filter is added, the results will look like this:


Only 2 documents are returned (the ones having both searched words), and now the relevance scores are higher and show a bigger difference! This because both the category and brand fields were used, including the boost value that was assigned to them.

Explanation of the score for the first result:

Score explanation

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